Building GP Portal: A digital resource for GPs and practice staff

In 2019, HealthWeb Solutions was commissioned by NHS West Hampshire, one of the largest Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) in England, to develop an online resource to provide information to GPs and health centre staff across 50 GP practices in Hampshire.

We created the GP Portal, which is easy for clinical teams to use, and contains guidance and advice on medical conditions, referral pathways, providers of secondary care services (hospitals, clinics and specialists) and medicines prescribing guidelines and updates. In addition it is easy for staff to add and update information on the back end of the site, the content management system (CMS).

The site offers no ‘lock-in’ of data to proprietary formats; it is accessible without complex permission systems and provides a robust search facility. The GP Portal ‘version 1’ was built to the specifications of NHS West Hampshire CCG. The target user groups (GPs, other clinicians and practice staff) were involved at every step of the project to ensure we were building something that would meet their specific needs.

The digital world, as well as the needs and expectations of users, never stands still however, and in 2021 we are pleased to launch our ‘version 2’ of the GP Portal. ‘V2’ builds on the functionality we designed for Hampshire and incorporates real life user experience and our learning, in order to provide a robust and flexible solution that can now be tailored to any NHS CCG:

  • A modern, accessible front-end design with advanced layout capabilities.
  • Cards in grids or carousels
  • Advanced tables for layout of complex information
  • Completely responsive (viewable on all device types)
  • A friendly, easy to use block-based editing system
  • A dedicated Medicines section with specific functionality for Medicines Management
  • An ‘Alerts’ feature

The new GP Portal is extremely customisable and caters to any local differences in organisation or data management requirements. To find out more, or for an informal discussion with our development team, please visit our GP Portal.

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