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HealthWeb Solutions Awarded G-Cloud 13 Framework Contract

HealthWeb Solutions Ltd is proud to announce it has been awarded a G-Cloud 13 framework contract to provide its respected GP Portal product through the Government’s Digital Marketplace, eliminating the need for its customers to go through a full tender process. GP Portal provides secure, instinctive navigation of content required by GPs and practice staff, …

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Addressing the crisis at A&E

You don’t have to delve far into media coverage of A&E attendances, waiting times and the shortage of emergency beds to see that the crisis in emergency care in England is real and a very pressing concern, both for the NHS and for those of us who need to access those services. The Independent states …

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Time for a Social Care PR Revolution?

When Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019 he promised to “fix the crisis in social care”. The Queen’s Speech in May 2021, which outlined his government’s plans for the next year, saw the social care agenda encapsulated in just nine words; “Proposals for social care reform will be brought forward.” The response was automatic, …

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The Digitalisation of Illness

‘Dr Google’ is often the first stop for many of us when we have symptoms of illness. Many of us have heard, or said, ‘Don’t google it’ when someone raises unusual health problems. We know it is better to see a clinician, but we often don’t have the patience to wait for an appointment, or …

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