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Building accessible, performant Public Sector websites

The web is continually evolving. When using best-practice design principles to create websites which work quickly and simply, and which cater to every type of visitor – including those using assistive technologies – there is a lot to take into account: Choosing the right web framework (if any) Structuring the site semantically (proper use of …

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Time for a Social Care PR Revolution?

When Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019 he promised to “fix the crisis in social care”. The Queen’s Speech in May 2021, which outlined his government’s plans for the next year, saw the social care agenda encapsulated in just nine words; “Proposals for social care reform will be brought forward.” The response was automatic, …

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How Accessibility ‘overlays’ often harm Accessibility

If you provide a website as a public service, it should be accessible to as many people as possible. A lack of understanding around what accessibility actually means has resulted in websites and apps which inadvertently exclude some users. A movement is growing The accessibility movement has been gaining ground in the last few years. …

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